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nobody-can-sell-this-mba-la-voix-des-nouveaux-dirigeantsIf you are in the Tien Mu area, you may choose to participate at the introduction to the unique Master of Body Administration for everyone.

We will show you how you can quickly restore your body balance in order to improve your communication and your health.

Please call me at 0966 28 48 42 or send an email to if you have any question.

The meeting will take place at: Literacy Gate 12-1 TienYu Street, Lane 38, Shillin District, Taipei, Taiwan 11156

During each session we will explain how anyone can reach balance using these 8 affirmations and the use of Nutripuncture if needed.

Each volunteer participant will be able to work on one (or more is possible) affirmation in relation to the 5 senses and the 5 elements… this is why it is usually recommended to participate at 5 sessions.


This program is protected by a creative common licence





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An M. B. A. for everyone – introduction

An M.B.A. for everyone

to improve healthy and ethical communication


How to become the CEO of your own body?



I am Jean-Loup, organic farmer in France and communication coach in Taiwan. However, my focus is my job as CEO of Jean-Loup CELL MANUFACTURING Limited, anything else seems secondary for me today.

The world today seems separated in two kinds of people: the human and the non-human.

I feel speechless to realise where the “business rules” have led humanity today, when non-human doctors destroy health, non-human lawyers destroy justice, non-human professors destroy education, non-human religious leaders destroy morals, non-human bankers destroy the economy and finance the non-human politicians who create wars to sell arms…I feel the urgency to speak up.

Being an organic farmer, I have also witnessed that 50% of the bees have disappeared this year on my land, and I know that only a non-human mad scientist could believe that bee-drones could polinize flowers without the human five senses and the 5 elements: it is like expecting someone to understand spoken Chinese without the 5 tones… I feel the urgency to act.


My motivation in creating and leading this MBA is to share my 30 years of experiences in this field using the human voice as the main tool.

When needed, for demonstration or to help integrate information at the cellular level and to validate the results, Nutripuncture nutrients will be suggested as a secondary tool. Students are requested to get their own Nutripuncture nutrients which are available in french pharmacies since 1985, in the US and in Asia through internet.

This on-going program will keep on growing with additional voice recordings of the volunteer’s students experiences.

My personal goal today is to share my time and expertise with people who consider that the real values in life are Respect, Happiness, Truth, Love and Freedom.

Therefore all the information provided here is shared for personal use only.

An insurance to remain healthy

A “disease insurance”, usually called improperly “health insurance”, take care of the cost of medical expenses to fight against diseases.

The purpose of a “real health insurance” is to prevent disease to develop by maintaining the balance of a healthy body.


For example, it is possible to prevent these 14 health issues so commonly found in family, social and professional environments and here is one way to achieve that:


Do you know that:
80% of the company challenges are communication issues, only 20% are technical or financial.
and 80% of health challenges have no satisfactory medical solutions (other than painkillers, antidepressants, anaesthetics or hard chemistry with secondary effects…).


It is clear today that using a non-human economical model to drive a human body is not healthy.

Tableau de bord diane.jpg

This MBA – Master of Body  Administration – is providing to each student a real health insurance: the student learn how to read the dashboard of his/her body and take responsibility to change his/her behaviour to recover the balance and prevent any future body accident.

The current “disease insurance” would only be justified for people who seek outside “external” help to solve problems, created by themselves, unconsciously or irresponsibly, or when the cause has not been found and treated in time.

Moving from an “economical model” to a “human model”

So, it would make sense to study how a healthy body works and to apply these rules for the management of companies.

The winning strategies have evolved with time: today only the win-win-win apply.



The french philosopher Edgard Morin made a statement in one of his last article, which summarises the situation:

We need to change civilisation,

to quit the economical model

and to adopt a human model”.


Keeping in mind that everything is energy, the recruitment by companies has also changed from day and night: the energy of a person is now considered more important than his/her resume and credentials.

The CSR of a company has no real value without the PSR (Personal Social responsibility) of each employee/partner.


The Chinese ancestral idea

What is known in Asia, and particularly in Taiwan, thanks to the use of traditional Chinese, is that listening carefully to one’s voice, provides a perfect 24/7 online feedback on the ways all body resources are driven by the individual.

Dr SUN 3 text colour

Listening to voice allows each individual to drive one’s life with his/her 5 senses in harmony with the 5 elements. This is the best way to prevent – small and big – health and communication issues.


The combined occidental-oriental approach

The good news is that the studies about an amazing scientific breakthrough are now published in French books, thanks to the discovery of Nutripuncture in France in 1983.
These studies validate:
1- the powerful influence of the voice of a speaker on the brain of the listener. Everyone is concerned at any level, parents, teachers, CEO and political leaders…


2 – the possibility to use one’s voice as a perfect GPS in one’s life. The best tool is free… everyone only needs to re-learn how to use it.


It is very easy to take the power on people: the voice of the leader must affect one of the 5 parts of the brain of the listeners in order to cut the listeners from their earth element. This technique is the same used by most political leaders in the world including both opponents in the American election. All of their listeners / followers validate the war, meaning killing children they don’t know and for no reasons.

There are hundreds ways to take the power on others, all of them affect one or more elements.

It takes less than a minute for the voice of a leader / predator to affect the brain of a normal person… unless the listener has learned how to keep control of his/her brain… but only for a limited time. Most people will fall into a pattern if they are exposed to it during a long time… such as  a conference, a movie, television programs, webinars…and “friends”…

However, a profound change is happening…everywhere: workshops based on team building, sales techniques, power management… have less success and the attendance is reducing seriously.

The scared companies are the one’s increasing the controls of all employee/partner activities… and the result is negative: it increases the stress of the employee/partners and affects both the health of the people and the health of companies.



… there is only one way to respect the listeners: the speaker must animate the five elements inside him/herself in order to stimulate the opening of the five part of the brain of the listener(s).

Successful companies are the ones more often trusting  ALL their employee/partners, reducing the controls and stimulating individual creativity. This requires a strong fire element from the CEO and the managing team.



Today, It looks like most people are acting as “Predators” or “victims of predators”. It is a personal choice to behave as a wolf or a sheep… understanding that one can also behave as a human.

Family, social and professional behaviours are changing rapidly.

With the rising consciousness, meetings and relationships are completely transformed.

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Is your company successful?

Please download the article written by Anita Yang from China Post in Taiwan on June 2nd 2015 China post – Anita Yang – Is your company successful copy

china post is your company successful


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Open house Nov 24-Nov27 Tienmu

nobody-can-sell-this-mba-la-voix-des-nouveaux-dirigeantsIf you are in the Tien Mu area, you are invited to a free presentation of the unique Master of Body Administration game card (which is part of the MBA training for everyone).

We will show you how you can quickly restore your body balance in order to improve your communication and your health.

Please call me at 0966 28 48 42 or send an email to to set up a private time for you …and your friends or family between: thursday november 24th and sunday november 27th from 7.30 am until 9.00 pm

The meeting will take place at: Literacy Gate 12-1 TienYu Street, Lane 38, Shillin District, Taipei, Taiwan 11156


This game is protected by a creative common licence
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An M. B. A. for everyone – Content

An MBA (Master of Body Administration) for everyone

You may consider registering as a student in this unique MBA (Master of Body Administration) based on listening to the voice.


Students have the opportunity to work on many exercises organized around 8 sessions.


The program is operated using Internet. Each student can follow his/her own rhythm to coach him/herself across a period of 8 months starting at the registration time.
The training is articulated in 8 sessions/chapters:

  • – the first two chapters cover the need to be on one’s identity and in the present moment,
  • – the next 5 chapters address the 5 senses /5 elements,
  • – the last chapter concludes with the integration of the two vital energies: the yin and the yang.

A unique health insurance is customized and offered to every student during the 8 months training period.


More information:


More details about the content of the 8 sessions/chapters of the MBA program.





More information about the cycle of action and the 5 elements.

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An M. B. A. for everyone – registration

Do you qualify to be a student for this M.B.A.?

The objective of this M.B.A. training is to help anyone willing to learn by him/herself and use the information for personal development.
Let’s be very clear, if the objective of the student is to become “rich and famous”, there are a thousand other training programs for this.

The goal of this training is clearly :

  • – to improve health and well-being,
  • – to become a leader generating leaders instead of followers,
  • – to enjoy the power of being free
  • – and to learn how to regenerate healthy new cells in one’s body.

Most important of all, this training is 100% based on practical exercises to help every student integrate the information at cellular level.
Hopefully, most students will be able to walk their talk when speaking about what they have learned in this training.
The bottom line is to agree that the human body, health and education should be considered a “sacred” part of life instead of a “business”… this is why the training is called Master of BODY Administration.


The objective is to make this training program available for everyone as soon as possible…Therefore, this MBA program is managed by a French non-profit foundation AEEFT (Association pour les Echanges Ethiques entre la France et Taiwan) (Air Eau Ether Feu Terre) and sponsored by Wholistic Communication Ltd in Taiwan.
This program is currently build in French, Traditional Chinese and English (understanding that most scientific references are only in French at the moment).

Customise your training package according to:

  • your time availability
    • 5 minutes per day
    • 1 hour per week
    • 1 hour per day … or more
  • what you want to learn
    • general MBA training,
    •  specific health or communication issues
  • the service you want to have
    • regular voice analysis
    • hot line communication & health challenges,
    • 24/7 health insurance
  •  the services you would like to offer
    • translation works,
    • voice-recording editing ,
    • website design work,
    • assistance writing answers for the Q&A services
  • and your financial budget
    • your customised training must fit your budget

 For information, the standard MBA 8 sessions program includes:

  • An assessment of personal health and communication challenges 15 minutes session
  • The content of the training over 8 months period
  • 8 x 15 minutes voice analysis/coaching session through video Skype, once at the end of each chapter.
  • A general Q&A service through internet
  • A health insurance

 The fee for the standard training package is:    18400NTD    or    640 euros     (to be paid at the time of registration).

This fee does not include the use of the nutrients nor the cost of additional personal coaching sessions.

Please note that there are no sales and marketing commissions to “sell” this training program given to anyone. Nobody can sell this MBA training service, it can only be bought by the student, when it is the right moment for him or her. Therefore only the word of mouth coming from existing students will generate new students for the program.

Please consult us to find out what could be the best package for you and keep in mind, that we want to make the MBA training available for all students who are seriously ready to learn.

(update November 13th 2016).

Sponsors, donation and financial help for students

Private individuals and companies are welcome to support our development and will receive a legal receipt for their donation understanding that their name and the name of AEEFT will remain private information.
Students in need of financial assistance are invited to send us a request with what they can afford to pay. Donations from companies and private donors can be used to complement the fee. Part of the fee can also be compensated with translation works from French in any other languages… this will be discussed during our meeting to customised the training of the student.

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Using 8 affirmations for 14 health challenges


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